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        Welcome to Shandong Hezheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd!

        Company Culture

        Hezheng Masato will be adhering to the "commitment to social responsibility, building an ecological civilization" of the enterprise purpose, through continuous technological innovation and scientific and technological research and development, will be excellent cultural concept of internalization, curing in the system, outside the line for the national water environmental protection, Water resources security, drinking water safety to make an effective contribution to the survival of the human environment management and protection to provide superior products and services.

        Enterprise Development
        To become an influential environmental protection enterprise, to technology, management and culture as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, satisfaction with the partners, the Government satisfied with the business, social services, the benefits of staff
        Business objectives
        For customers to create quality; for the community to create value for the staff to create business for the enterprise to create brilliant
        Corporate vision
        Improve the global environment, improve the quality of life, open the green road
        Core values
        Continuous innovation, the pursuit of perfection, the supremacy of integrity responsibility
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