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        Welcome to Shandong Hezheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd!

        Talent Concept

        Hezheng company adhering to the "integrity management" concept, and implementing the "people-oriented" approach, adhere to a fine engineering, tree good image of the development strategy, based in Shandong, the radiation. Actively explore, and strive hard.

        To meet the needs of the company's rapid growth, and is the company launched a comprehensive talent recruitment and talent reserve program, and actively introduce new blood, while continuing to provide employees with competitive compensation and a sound personal development plan, and are able to provide you with a Diversified professional stage, to display their talent in the vast world, and truly achieve a win-win business and employees.

        Remuneration Policy: Employee income consists of salary, performance salary, subsidy and year-end bonus. The Company annually adjusts its salary through industry salary survey, and always ensures that the overall salary level of the Company has high market competitiveness.

        Promotion Opportunities: To provide staff with a smooth career development path and improve the training system to comprehensively enhance the overall quality of staff for the development of staff to provide careful guidance and a broad platform.

        Social insurance: After signing the labor contract, enjoy the relevant benefits.

        Employee benefits: employees enjoy the statutory statutory leave, and the monthly rest days of not less than six days.

        Other subsidies: the company to provide staff with vehicle subsidies or transportation subsidies, education and job title subsidies, lunch subsidies, such as wage subsidies.

        • Remuneration policy

        • Promotion

        • Social insurance

        • Employee Benefits

        • Other subsidies

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