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        Welcome to Shandong Hezheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd!

        leader's speech

        Ask this past, and the lofty lofty ideals. Since its inception the company has gone through an extraordinary decade, good governance to become the forefront of industry innovation. And Masato is growing experience has become more focused, in constant self-examination and breakthroughs, reform and innovation shoulder the heavy responsibility, and always stick to their own development direction and values.

        Feng Yu wings to dance the sky, plot step and even thousands of miles. Today and the people, a blend of a dream full of dreams and the sun's environmental elite, in the transformation and innovation to explore China's environmental protection industry development path, played from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong grand movement, Creating a remarkable performance.

        In the face of the new situation new opportunities and challenges, and Zhengren pioneering forging ahead never stop, in the fierce market competition forge ahead, dedicated to innovation-oriented, technology-first, with excellent engineering and technical accumulation, for the We will create a well-known enterprise brand with the spirit of "honesty, rigor, diligence, innovation, cooperation and win-win" with the dedication, honesty, win-win cooperation and development.

        Beyond today's success, in order to have tomorrow's brilliant. And Masato will continue to revive the banner of national environmental protection industry as its mission, tempered wind and rain, pragmatic innovation, unshaken, spared no efforts. With the open mind, forge ahead with the spirit of innovation, to participate in domestic and foreign markets in the competition, enterprises to achieve rapid, healthy and sustainable development.

        Let us together, and common development.

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